A Life Story By Rod Graham
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Walk A Narrow Line - A Life Story
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 In this new book, you are told one man’s  true-life story. We are made aware of the ever-present need to find our way in the world. The writer never lets personal failure or the shadows of an abusive upbringing get him down.

A picture is painted, of a life that has led from being abandoned by his mother to sexual abuse while in the care system. From walking the streets as a homeless person, to having brushes with the law. As a young adult he struggled to find personal values and self improvement.

In this new book the author has written with optimism about finding adventure and fulfillment. 

Many events have been written about  with a wry sense of humour. Sometimes with disrespect for authority. The authors optimism. and willingness to accept a challenge always shine through.

This new book will inspire you to be more optimistic and to take on life's challenges with a smile.


Walk A Narrow Line.
A True Life Story
About the Author

Recently while Rod was researching old court records, he was described as ‘Extremely tenacious’.

His lawyer said ‘Like a dog who won’t let go of a bone’.

The lawyer was convinced that trying to dig up sixty year old court records was a futile exercise. Rod proved him wrong and probably set a record for the oldest historic abuse claim in this country.

“Extremely tenacious” & “like a dog who won’t let go of a bone”

A true life story

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Walk A Narrow Line - Music & Songs to Download

The author would also like to share an album of ten outstanding songs, from his extensive repertoire, with the reader.

Hopefully, you would find some inspiration in both the music and this new book.

All ten songs have been written with the book in mind and a belief that music, like writing, is a wonderful communicator.