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A Life Story
By Rod Graham
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Author Biography - Walk A Narrow Line

This biography is one that has been in the making for 70 years. The author has been a music teacher for more than forty years. While working as a professional musician he has performed solo and with many different bands. Rod has also shared the stage with quite a few well-known artists. He would tell you that the gift of song and the ability to make music is a treasure more rewarding than words can portray.

Growing up

Being abandoned by birth parents as a baby, led to mistreatment by various foster parents. When Rod was five, his father remarried, but Rod’s new mum proved to be violent and resentful.. At nine years old he was placed into care, where he suffered sexual abuse. As a teenager he was no stranger to being homeless and sleeping rough. Then as a young adult, he earned himself a prison sentence. This was a wake up call for the author who proceeded to lift himself up and finally shed the shadows of his past.

Challenges and adventure

His life so far has been far from ordinary, involving many trials and tribulations; triumphs and adventures, some of which he shares with the reader in this book. Rod has raised two families and passed on his musical knowledge to countless other young and not so young people.

Rod Graham The author of Walk A Narrow Line
Rod Graham The author of Walk A Narrow Line

Recently while Rod was trying to negotiate official channels during his research of old court records, he was described as ‘Extremely tenacious’ and ‘Like a dog who won’t let go of a bone’ by his lawyer who was convinced that trying to dig out sixty year old court records was a futile exercise. Rod proved him wrong and probably set a record for the oldest historic abuse claim in this country.

Rod Graham is;

“Extremely tenacious” & “like a dog who won’t let go of a bone”

author biography walk a narrow line

Walk A Narrow Line - Music & Songs to Download

The author would also like to share an album of ten outstanding songs, from his extensive repertoire, with the reader. Hopefully, you would find some inspiration in both the book and the music. These songs were written with the book in mind and a belief that music, like writing is a wonderful communicator.

The title track  ‘Because You Can’  is available for download below, or on the : Home Page

The title song ‘Because You Can’ can be downloaded below.

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