Can I write?
Written supporting a new book and music.

Silver Lining

Alright, our movements are restricted; so what. My last lock down was being banged up in ‘The Nick’ nearly sixty years ago. Yes, I’d been a bad boy, but after the initial shock of hearing that key turn in the lock I started to realize that one could use the time for some self-improvement there…

How do you write a song?

I wasn’t thinking “How do you write a song?” I was already singing this beautiful song, the tune was clear to me, but the words were a little obscure. I knew what the song was about, I could hear the hook line repeating itself over and over again as it tried to lead me into…

Can I Write?

Can I Write? Can I write? That’s a thought I’ve had following me around for quite a few years; in fact, every time someone pops out with the phrase “You should write a book.” I find myself thinking “Well I certainly have enough life tales to tell. Question is…could I put it all down on…

Can I write

Walk A Narrow Line

This is a new book is an inspirational life story written by Rod Graham .

Though Rod has been a musician and music teacher for more than forty years; his life has never been mundane.

After a troubled childhood he managed to find himself without roots and sleeping rough finally ending up with a prison sentence, which he found was a wake up call and a challenge to finding a better life.

Driven on unrelentingly, not to be beaten down by personal failure and not to let the shadows of an abusive upbringing hold him back from meeting life’s challenges head on. This is one man’s extraordinary true-life story, which highlights the ever-present need to find your way in the world. A new book in 2020.

Across many diverse life adventures over a seventy-year period, a picture is painted, of a life that has led from being abandoned by his mother and knowing the violence of a sadistic step mother to sexual abuse while in the care system, then to walking the streets as a homeless person and from brushes with the law as a young adult to finding personal values and self improvement.

In this new book for 2020 the author has written with optimism about finding adventure and fulfillment in life while at the same time trying to learn from his mistakes. 

Can I write

While the reader will find many events written about  with a wry sense of humour and sometimes a disrespectful view of authority, they will always be inspired by the authors optimism and willingness to accept a challenge.