The author has been a music teacher for more than forty years, whilst also working as a successful professional musician. After a troubled childhood which led from being abandoned by birth parents, sexual abuse whilst in care, a failed career in the army and a short stay in prison, he managed to lift himself up and shed the shadows of his past.

Rod Graham The author of Walk A Narrow Line

Silver Lining

Alright, our movements are restricted; so what. My last lock down was being banged up in ‘The Nick’ nearly sixty years ago. Yes, I’d been a bad boy, but after the initial shock of hearing that key turn in the lock I started to realize that one could use the time for some self-improvement there…

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Can I Write?

Can I Write? Can I write? That’s a thought I’ve had following me around for quite a few years; in fact, every time someone pops out with the phrase “You should write a book.” I find myself thinking “Well I certainly have enough life tales to tell. Question is…could I put it all down on…