A Life Story By Rod Graham
Available Early 2020
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Walk A Narrow Line - A Life Story

At the beginning of this book the reader is given a glimpse of the writer who is hoping to purchase a boat, but before the reader can discover anything about that boat, the author transports the reader back in time to a previous boat purchase, which in its turn, is really a discourse that continues to lead the reader back and forth from one life adventure to another over a seventy-year period in order to paint a picture of a life that has led from neglect to success and from abuse to knowledge.

There is an understanding that not everyone would have any interest in owning a boat, the emphasis of the book is a light hearted look at one person chasing dreams while learning to live their life, despite the many obstacles which can beset us all, depending on when, where or to whom you were born.

In this new book: The authors own words…

I have tried to keep an optimistic feel throughout the book without being ‘preachy’, while telling you about things that have happened to me, or writing of things that I have done. I have written about being ‘Deserted by parents’, ‘Physical paternal abuse’ and ‘Sexual abuse’ whilst in care’. I have tried to show how that care system can seriously let a young person down with a lack of understanding or empathy.

Then there was being down and out in the 1960’s, never good, but so different from today’s homeless folk. The book doesn’t shy away from talking about wrong doings, about going to prison or the many mistakes and challenges faced. I have tried to show that one can achieve good times as well as having great achievements, by perseverance and by believing in oneself.

Nothing has been written in any particular life order, but rather I have often allowed my writing to lead from one event to another in time, while trying to give a complete overall picture of the way we can all stumble to find ourselves.

There have been many environmental and social changes since I was born in 1943, some of which have led me to pass comment or try to explain to the reader who hasn’t traveled the same path.

Not every single smile or tear of my time has been bought here, only those necessary to tell you a story and to let you see a picture of how we can rise above those things that pull us down.

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‘Walk A Narrow Line’

Walk A Narrow Line - Music & Songs to Download

The author would like to share his album of ten outstanding songs. Hopefully, you would find some inspiration in both the music and the book.

All of the material was written with the book in mind and a belief that music, like writing is a wonderful communicator.

The title track  ‘Because You Can’  can be downloaded below.

The title song ‘Because You Can’ can be download below.

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