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A Life Story By Rod Graham
Published by Authowright
Available Early 2020

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    Walk A Narrow Line - A Life Story
    New Book 2020

    Driven on unrelentlessly to not be beaten down by failure, this is one man’s extraordinary true-life story, which highlights the ever-present need to find your way in the world. Across the diverse life adventures over a seventy-year period, a picture is painted, of a life that has led from neglect to success and from abuse to knowledge.

    This book will inspire those who read it to do better.

    Recently while Rod was trying to negotiate official channels during his research of old court records, he was described as ‘Extremely tenacious’ and ‘Like a dog who won’t let go of a bone’ by his lawyer who was convinced that trying to dig out sixty year old court records was a futile exercise. Rod proved him wrong and probably set a record for the oldest historic abuse claim in this country.

    Rod Graham is;

    “Extremely tenacious” & “like a dog who won’t let go of a bone”

    Walk A Narrow Line | Music & Songs to Download

    The author would also like to share his album of ten outstanding songs, from his extensive repertoire, with the reader. Hopefully, you would find some inspiration in both the music and the book. All ten songs have been recorded and mastered. They were written with the book in mind and a belief that music, like writing is a wonderful communicator.

    The title song ‘Because You Can’ can be downloaded below.

    Available Early 2020
    Published by Authowright
    Download the full album

    Can I Write? | Keep up to date with the Blog.

    That’s a thought I’ve had following me around for quite a few years; in fact, every time someone pops out with the phrase “You should write a book.” 

    I find myself thinking “Well I certainly have enough life tales to tell. Question is…could I put it all down on paper? Would I even dare? Then one day I found myself staring at a blank new document in my word processor with the intention of typing down anything that came into my head relating to past experiences….


    First blog now live!